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Field Conditions - Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the MUDD line get updated?
The MUDD line phone updates on weekdays are at 1:00 p.m. for high school use and 3:00 p.m. for youth and adult sports use.  The weekend updates are at 7:30 a.m.  Twitter and the web site will be updated shortly after the phone updates.

What happens if it starts raining after 3:00 p.m. or 7:30 a.m.?
We will continue to update the MUDD line throughout the day and evening as the weather changes.  Check back before your scheduled activity.  

When fields are closed early in the day can it be opened later in the day?
Yes, unless the MUDD line says the field is closed for the entire day and evening.  Generally the MUDD line will say that a closed field will be re-evaluated later in the day if there is a possibility that it will be opened.

I’m not receiving the Twitter updates on my mobile phone?
You may need to adjust your settings to receive twitter messages earlier in the morning.  If you’re set up to receive messages after 8:00 a.m. and the MUDD line twitter is sent at 7:30 a.m., you will not receive it.  Also, you may need to adjust your settings to receive tweets via text message.  Settings is located in the menu under your twitter screen name, then mobile menu.

What if the MUDD line phone message says one thing and twitter or the web site state something different?
Follow the direction of the MUDD line phone message since it is updated first. 

Why some fields are still closed days after the rain ends?
Some fields don’t drain as well or have less grass and exposed mud areas do not dry out well.  Also it may have rained more in certain ends of town.  The City will keep any fields closed that may need additional days to dry until they are safe to be used. 

Sometimes I can’t get through to the MUDD line, why not?
If too many people are calling the MUDD line at the same time, you may get a busy signal.  Hang up and try again a short time later and you should be able to get through.  Also, if the MUDD line is being updated you will not be able to get through until the update is complete.

What does the acronym MUDD stand for?
MUDD stands for 6833, the last four numbers of the MUDD line phone number 949-724-6833.

Who decides if fields are open or closed?
City of Irvine, Community Services - Athletics staff, Community Park Staff, and City Landscape Maintenance Staff all work together in deciding which fields can be opened and which fields should be closed.

When a field is closed and someone is using it, who can I call?
To help keep individuals or groups from using closed fields the City has a Park Ambassador program.  You may contact one of these ambassadors at 949-254-1444 or 949-337-5238 or 949-337-5827.  If the ambassador staff does not answer the phone please leave a detailed message with the park name and the type of activity.

My Adult Sports League game has been cancelled due to rain, who can I contact?
If your Adult Sports League game has been cancelled the league coordinator will e-mail or call the team manager with the scheduled make up game.  If the league coordinator has not contacted your team , please check www.irvineathletics.org for the most recent schedules.

Does the City of Irvine have any all weather fields (Astro Turf fields)?
Currently the City of Irvine does not have any all weather turf fields.

Bark Dog Park Questions:

What time will the MUDD Line be updated with information pertaining to the Dog Park?
The MUDD Line will be updated by 6:30 a.m. stating whether the Dog Park is open or closed.  If weather conditions change the MUDD Line will be updated.

If the Dog Park is closed due to rain, will it reopen if it stops raining?
The Central Bark Dog Park will close anytime it has rained for an extended time period and continues raining.  Once the inclement weather has subsided staff will evaluate the Dog Park and open it once it is safe and usable.  If large puddles or muddy areas are present, the Dog Park may remain closed.  Check the Muddline after the rain subsides.

School District Field Questions: 

I have rented an Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) field, will the MUDD Line list my field as open or closed?
The MUDD Line is responsible for closing all City and IUSD fields.  Due to the large number of school fields, the MUDD Line will not list each one individually; however it will state all IUSD fields are open or closed.  For IUSD field rentals, please call Valerie at 949-936-5335.

If your question is not listed on this page, please e-mail  us so can answer it and add it to the list if it is a common question.