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Household Hazards


There may be chemicals that are potentially harmful within your home. Cleaning, automotive, lawn and garden products, as well as indoor pesticides, workshop and painting supplies, propane tanks, and other fuels are some of the items common in households that may be dangerous.

  1. Take the necessary steps to ensure that you are using, storing, and disposing of the material according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Buy only as much of a chemical as you will use. Leftovers can be shared with neighbors or donated to businesses, charities, or government agencies.
  3. Keep products in original containers and clearly labeled.
  4. Never mix hazardous household chemicals with other products. Some may be incompatible and react (such as ammonia and bleach), ignite, or explode.
  5. Do not store household chemicals where children can access them. 
    *For a list of hazardous household materials and how to properly dispose of them,  CLICK HERE