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5-Year Old Boy Sends Irvine Police Officer Thank You Note


Back on December 9, 2012, The Irvine Police Department was dispatched to the area of Turtle Ridge in Irvine for a burglary call.  While officers were investigating and taking the suspect into custody, they were also checking the area to see if there were any other potential victims.  While contacting one resident, they noticed that a 5-year old boy had just posted a hand drawn poster made by him listing his bicycle as missing.  Officers were able to quickly tie the two together and soon after determined that the boy’s bike was one of the items the suspect had taken.  The bike was located and returned shortly after.  Recently, the boy had taken the time to thank Officer Cantwell with a card he had signed.  Officer Cantwell stated that “Receiving a thank you card was cool, it’s a great reminder of why I enjoy doing this job!” 


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