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Irvine Profile

Homer Guimond

Homer Guimond, chair of the City of Irvine’s Senior Citizens Council, was born in Chicago and grew up on the city’s West Side.  After a career in food service, Homer and his late wife, Elizabeth, followed their now late son, Lawrence and his family, to Southern California in 1985 (his daughter, Diane, lives in Colorado). Within a year, they had relocated to Irvine.

An active member of the community, Homer spends most of his days at the Lakeview Senior Center, where he heads the Geriactors theater and radio programs. The Center is home to the Homer Guimond Studio, dedicated in 2009 for his tireless efforts in the arts.

Guimond, who recently turned 90, said of his age: “I’m proud of it.” He is fond of
the phrase, “God put me on this Earth to do great things.” He adds: “I have so many
things to do.”

Q: The City pays a lot of attention to its seniors. Why is that important?
A: The Senior Center gave me a new life. It got me into things that I was capable of. I got involved with Geriactors and met a lot of people. And, I’m a big ham, so that helped.

Q: What are some of the challenging issues you deal with as Chair?
A: Our Senior Services Strategic 5-year Plan (focuses) on housing, transportation, nutrition and health. One of the things I strive for is to make somebody smile once a day. And to involve those who don’t know what to do. Like myself at one time; this gave me a second life. I’m 90. Where does the time go?

Q: You have a particular interest in the theater. What is it about acting?
A: It’s a matter of expression.

Q: What is special about the City celebrating its 40th Anniversary?
A: Irvine gave life to this area; it takes all these people to make it what it is today. It’s about caring about somebody.

Q: Is the City getting older or just getting started?
A: It’s just beginning.

Q: What has been one of the most important changes during your time in Irvine?
A: Transportation has changed considerably (he uses the TRIPS program daily). And the City has a soul that gives life. Each year, it improves, and our leaders on the City Council, they are gems. They are so involved.