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Irvine Profiles - Victoria Jimenez

Victoria, also known as “Vicky” retired from the City of Irvine on Friday, March 11. A long time Irvine employee and Irvine native, Vicky had been employed with the City for almost 35 years. During her time as an Irvine resident and employee, she enjoyed watching the City grow into what it is today. Vicky will miss working with all the talented and dedicated Irvine employees but will enjoy spending time with family and friends and volunteering during her retirement. 

Q: In the City’s Oral History Project for the 40th Anniversary, in which you are interviewed, you tell a great story about a live snake. What’s another childhood memory of life on the ranch?
A: For me, it would be sitting out on the porch and looking at the 405 Freeway, which had just been built, and wondering where those people were going. That was about 1969 or 1970.

Q: How have the times, and Irvine, changed since those years?
A: It has gone from farmland to master planned communities. You’ve got Woodbridge, you have Turtle Rock. I never would have dreamed that where my father farmed tomatoes is now Oak Creek. That’s where I learned how to drive.

Q: You grew up in the City, and then chose the City as a career. What are your thoughts as you leave that career and your fellow employees?
A: I am very proud of the City. That will always be a part of me. There is a street named after my mom, Perez Road off of Irvine Boulevard, so she left a mark with a street named after her, and I hope I left a mark within this organization.

Q: What are your plans now that you are retired, and will Irvine always be part of your memories?
A: Irvine is in my blood. But, I am planning on spending time with family and friends and enjoying life. I’ve never been to Europe. I’d like to go to Europe. And, I will do volunteer work in the schools.

Victoria Jimenez is one of nearly 25 Irvine leaders, former and present residents, and visionaries who were interviewed for the Oral History Project.
Click here to view the 55-minute documentary.