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Irvine Profiles - Sean Joyce
Nearly 40 years ago, my parents moved our family of nine to Irvine, arriving on September 21, 1971. My father could have chosen anywhere in Southern California to live – he worked in Downey. He chose a place with a promise. Fourteen weeks after we unpacked our bags and settled into The Ranch, a City was born.

Thirty-three years later, I returned home as I accepted a position with the City of Irvine. And that extended my personal journey. I am no longer an inaugural resident but a generational one as my wife and I are raising our teenage daughter in Irvine.

This story sounds familiar to many residents and employees who arrived before, at or near the December 28, 1971 incorporation of Irvine. Like my father, many could have chosen anywhere to live. But those pioneers came for reasons then that make sense today: For the promise of a master-planned community; for the safety and the schools; for the burgeoning job base and growing university; for the open space that would allow the City to grow but not feel crowded; to find a home that, through affordable housing initiatives, allow their children choices as well. This City Council, and earlier ones, has made critical policy decisions on these quality of life issues. In doing so, the entire framework of Irvine’s plan has come into play.

At 40 years old this year, the City of Irvine is a place of a promise made and a promise kept.

I know I’m not the only one with an Irvine story; I know I’m not the only one who feels so fortunate.