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Americans with Disabilities Act

City of Irvine - ADA Statement

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits all state and local governmental agencies from discriminating against persons with disabilities and from excluding participation in, or denying benefits of programs, services or activities to, persons with disabilities.

The City of Irvine prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities, ensuring that such people can fully participate in and benefit from the public services offered by the City.  The City of Irvine ADA Compliance Officer, who is located within the Administrative Services Department, oversees the City’s and each department’s ADA compliance.

Lori Thompson
ADA II and Section 504 Compliance Officer
P.O. Box 19575
Irvine, CA 92623-9575
(949) 724 -6079

In addition, an ADA Coordinator has been established for each City department. Complaints, grievances, concerns or recommendations regarding public access to any of the City programs, services or activities should initially be reported to that department’s ADA Coordinator, who will immediately begin to resolve the matter. See below for a list of department coordinators.

City of Irvine Department Coordinators

City Clerk
The City Clerk’s office is responsible for ensuring the legislative process including elections and City Council meetings are open and public.  The City Clerk provides access to public information and records. Claims against the City are also submitted to the City Clerk.

Carl Petersen 

Community Development
Community Development is responsible for administering and enforcing building codes and ordinances.  It operates a Permit Processing Center that reviews plans for new construction projects and issues permits.  This department also employs field inspectors and is responsible for the Affordable Housing Program.

Sue Gross

Community Services

Community Services provides a wide range of recreation programs directed towards youths and families and social, educational, nutritional and transportation services directed to older adults.  Programs and services are delivered through two well visited senior centers, community centers, parks, aquatics centers and City Hall.

Susie Blanco

Orange County Great Park
to the public, the 27.5-acre Balloon Park prototypes the kinds of spaces, programs, and features that reflect the Orange County Great Park’s dedication towards historical preservation, sustainable practices, and family-friendly activities. Events like concerts and dances, workshops, outdoor movies, and more, bring activity to the space year-round—a commitment to the public that the Orange County Great Park remains open during its development.  Park features include: Helium Balloon Ride, Great Park Carousel, Walkable Timeline, Kids Rock, Farm and Food Lab and a Farmer’s Market.

Mya Sanders

Public Safety
Public Safety’s goal is “To Promote a Safe and Secure Community” and utilizes geographic policing to reduce crime and address community concerns.  The department offers an array of services to educate the community and local schools about crime prevention and emergency preparedness.

Jade Mazzio

Public Works
The Public Works Department develops, builds, and maintains the City's infrastructure including streetscapes, open space, City parks (community and neighborhood), athletic fields, Eucalyptus windrow trees, bike trails, roadways and traffic signals.  The department also manages transportation programs such as the I-Shuttle and the Irvine Transportation Center.

Jay Ponce