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City Departments

The City of Irvine is divided into seven main departments. Together, these departments manage and perform all of the business of City Hall and its services.

The functions of each department:

City Manager's Office

The City Manager's Office oversees the entire operation of all seven City departments. Representing the views of the citizens of Irvine, the City Council sets goals and policies, and then provides direction to the City Manager to carry out the goals.
In addition to managing all of City Hall, the City Manager's Office also encompasses the City Attorney, Economic Development, Business Planning and Budget.

City Clerk

The Irvine City Clerk's Department serves as a partner in democracy and is committed to total quality service, innovation, continuous improvements, comprehensive use of resources, and history preservation.

The department is responsible for legislative proceedings, Political Reform Act filings, elections, records management, duplication, mail, public records including agenda and minutes.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department facilitates the administrative and communication functions of the City as specified by the City Council, and as required by the operation departments.

The main focus is to implement administrative policies which support personnel and fiscal operations, and effective communications with the Irvine community.

Community Development

Irvine is America's largest master-planned City and is well-known for its beautiful open spaces, charming neighborhoods and vibrant commercial centers. The Community Development Department plays one of the biggest roles in assuring Irvine remains a livable, competitive and sustainable City well into the 21st century. Accomplishing this takes wise planning and efficient service.

Community Development works closely with other City departments, the City Manager's Office and the City Commissions in establishing and carrying out goals that will preserve Irvine's quality of life.

Community Services

The Community Services Department offers quality recreation and human services programs ranging from children's day camp to senior citizen support. Additionally, the Department cooperates with community organizations, local businesses, advisory and policy bodies, and other City Departments to ensure an integrated response to community concerns.

Parks and other recreational facilities are important components of Irvine's quality of life. The Community Services Department is committed to bringing exciting, beneficial activities to all Irvine citizens, as well as planning and rehabilitating top-of-the-line parks and community facilities.

Public Safety

The Public Safety Department has consistently provided excellent service to the residents and businesses of Irvine. With a keen sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the community, the Police Department seeks to work as partners with the residents, schools, churches and businesses in developing safety programs and awareness. The department has formally adopted a "Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving" strategy to meet the City's Strategic Business Plan goals. Over the years, Irvine has been consistently recognized as one of the safest cities in the United States.

The Irvine Police Communications Bureau accepts and screens an average of 2,500 911emergency calls per month and 14,600 business and administrative calls. Working "in partnership with the community" the Irvine Police Department patrols approximately 70 square miles and is rapidly growing, providing service to over 209,806 persons. The patrol division of the Irvine Police Department polices in a Geographic Policing model. This means Irvine has been divided into three distinct geographic areas. These areas are based on their geographic location and are known as “Portola,” “University” and “Crossroads.”

Within Specialized Services, Investigation Services provides for the investigation of crimes committed in Irvine. By actively investigating reported crimes and making arrests based on those investigations, future criminal activity is deterred.

A number of support services are provided to Police Operations by Specialized Services to meet the Strategic Business Plan goal "to maintain a safe and secure community."

Public Works

The Public Works Department develops, builds and maintains the City's infrastructure, including streetscapes, open space, City parks, athletic fields, Eucalyptus Windrow trees, bike trails, roadways, traffic signals and many miles of interconnect.

Public Works makes sure that the City landscaping looks green and healthy; roads, walkways and bike trails are safe; and that everything we build (from storm drains to streets) is solid and secure. The Department also plans for future transportation needs and keeps Irvine's traffic signals working.

Orange County Great Park

The mission of the Orange County Great Park is to develop and operate, preserve and protect the Orange County Great Park for the benefit and enjoyment of all its visitors, those of today and those in the future.