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Conserve Water Now – Irvine and the Drought


To report water runoff in municipal areas such as parks and street medians, call 949-724-7600 (please include exact location and time of day). For residents, water conservation is key.

Help California Save Water Now

First, click here on Mayor Steven Choi’s statement on City use of recycled water – April 14, 2015. 

Among all the news about the drought, Irvine Ranch Water District, which serves all of Irvine, has suggestions for you to help save water. Recognizing that between 60 to 65 percent of household water is used outside, customers can save water by immediately:

Checking your Sprinkler Timer:
Are you over-watering your yard? Is your sprinkler timer set correctly? Are the batteries still working? IRWD offers an easy to follow guide as well as a self-help video on how to take control of your outdoor irrigation sprinklers.
Removing Water-Thirsty Turf: Say goodbye to water-thirsty turf and get a rebate to help with the costs. Rebates are available here
Fixing Water Leaks: Checking for leaks is easy and can be one of the most effective ways to use water wisely. Follow our self-help videos to learn how to do this. It's easy and it will save you both water and money. 
The IRWD RightScape Program offers helpful videos for customers as well as money saving rebates

Click here for IRWD Resources and Watering Guide.

Click here for IRWD ‘Find a Landscaper,’ ‘Irrigation products,’ Web resources and more.

Join the H2OC campaign to end overwatering: Visit OverwateringIsOut.org
   - Find more information related to irrigation system rebates.
   - Find landscape related events taking place in Irvine and throughout the County.
   - Sign-up to receive monthly email tips on how to be water smart.


To sign the National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation, through April 30, visit: mywaterpledge.com

To learn more about how “Every Drop Counts,” read the City’s Inside Irvine Magazine Cover Story on how to save water.

Click here to read the latest from Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) affecting Irvine and discouraging water waste. 

Click here for IRWD PowerPoint describing drought and water use – City Council meeting, April 14, 2015.