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Contract Instructor FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding independent contracting with the City:

How is a Contract Instructor different than an Employee?

How often do the classes occur? 

Where do the classes occur?

How much does a contractor get paid?

Is fingerprinting required?

How is the course fee determined?

Who takes the registration?

When do the contractors get paid?

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How is a Contract Instructor different than an Employee?
A  Below demonstrates the differences between a contractor and employee:

Topic Contractor  Staff 
Schedules Contractor sets class schedule (with the approval by the City dependent upon facility availability).  Employees are told when and where to work.
Course Content Contractor develops and sets course content. Employees are told how to work or provided lessons plans.
Course Material  Contractor provides all course materials and supplies.  The City supplies all necessary mateirals.
Payment  Contractor splits base revenue with the City.  Employees are paid by the hour.
Tax Liability  Contractor is responsible for taxes and receives a 1099 at the end of the year.   Applicable taxes are pied by the City, the Employee receives a W-2 at year end 

  How often do the classes occur?
A  Classes are generally arranged by the quarter. A quarter runs 11 to 14 weeks depending on the season and holidays. 
Quarter Time Frame
Winter January - March
Spring April - third week of June
Summer Last week of June - First week in September
Fall Second week in September - December

  Where do the classes occur?
A  Classes are offered at various City of Irvine facilities depending on availability. Classes may also be held at the contractors facility.

Q  How much are contractors paid?
A  Contractors share the base revenue with the City on a 50/50 split (unless negotiated otherwise). 

Q  Is fingerprinting required?
A  Contractors are required to be fingerprinted by the City of Irvine Police Department. This fee is paid by the City.

Q  How is the course fee determined?
A  The course fee is set by the instructor, however, City staff will make recommendations based on best practices, experience and marketing trends. 

Q  Who takes the registration?
A  The City is responsible for processing all registration and for the collection of course fees. The Contractor is responsible for the collection of supplies/materials fees as defined by the course description.

Q  When will a contractor be paid?
A  Payment is determined by the contract terms. Full payment is usually received within 3 weeks of the conclusion of the quarter in which taught.