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Information for Early Care and Education Professionals

Information for Early Care and Education Professionals

The Child Care Coordination Office provides a variety of services to support early care and education professionals in the City of Irvine.

Professional Development Opportunities
A list of workshops and events for early care & education professionals is provided to enhance the quality of child care Irvine. Workshops may also be of interest to parents. Please share applicable information with the families you serve.

Child Resource Center (CRC)
The CRC offers resources and materials to support your role as an educator and care provider.

Developmental Screening 
A child's development can be measured by how a child learns, speaks, moves, behaves and relates. Skills such as smiling, waving, talking and walking are developmental milestones. Progress on these milestones can be found with regular developmental screening through childhood. All children birth through age 5 years should be screened regularly prior to school entry.
The Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) Developmental Screening Tool is a parent completed questionnaire to be completed periodically throughout early childhood (0-5 1/2 years). As a service to Irvine early care and education professionals, the Irvine Child Resource Center (CRC) offers the complete set of ASQ-3 to members. To learn more about the ASQ and implementation in  your program please contact the CRC at 949-724-6632. Pretend City and Help Me Grow are offering ASQ Online for Orange County Families for free. Parents can now complete an online Ages & Stages Questionnaire with their child. Please share the Orange County  FREE Developmental Screening Schedule with your families.

Inclusion Information
Children with special needs are more like typical children because they share the same basic needs: acceptance, care, challenges, love, and support. A child with special needs requires special care because of emotional, health, intellectual, or physical reasons. As a caregiver, being aware of every child's needs will help you provide the best care for all children. To learn how you can be included in a list of child care programs with specific training and/or expertise in working with children having special needs, click here.

Click here for additional resources for early care and education professionals

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