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Irvine Business Complex

Welcome to the Irvine Business Complex (IBC) Home Page. 

Here you will find information about the planning processes and activities within the IBC, via the links and updates provided below.

If you are new to the Irvine Business Complex, click here for information regarding the development process in the IBC. For more information background information regarding the IBC Vision Plan, click here to review the City Council Staff report from July 11, 2006, which provides extensive background on the planning process leading to the development of the Vision and Overlay Zoning Code.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact Bill Jacobs at bjacobs@ci.irvine.ca.us or 949-724-6521.

The IBC Vision Plan project was approved by the City Council in July 2010. below are links to the final approved Vision Plan project documents.

Click here to view the staff report for the July 13, 2010 hearing on the IBC Vision Plan project (click on the link to item 4.1 in the agenda document for links to the staff report and attachments).

IBC Vision Plan Approval Documents
Other Background Documents


DRAFT EIR Sections (includes redlines to reflect text and figure changes made in Final EIR)

Table of Contents

1.          Executive Summary
2.          Introduction
3.          Project Description
4.          Environmental Setting         
5.          Environmental Analysis

5.1       Aesthetics          
5.2       Air Quality         
5.3       Biological Resources            
5.4       Cultural Resources     
5.5       Geology and Soils     
5.6       Hazards and Hazardous Materials     
5.7       Hydrology and Water Quality    
5.8       Land Use and Planning    
5.9       Noise     
5.10     Population and Housing    
5.11     Public Services         
5.12     Recreation     
5.13     Transportation and Traffic     
5.14     Utilities and Service Systems            
5.15     Global Climate Change
6.          Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts
7.          Alternatives
8.          Impacts Found Not To Be Significant    
9.          Significant Irreversible Changes Due to the Proposed Project
10.        Growth-Inducing Impacts of the Proposed Project           
11.        Organizations and Persons Consulted
12.        Qualifications of Persons Preparing EIR  
13.        Bibliography


A             2007 Initial Study, Notice of Preparation (NOP), and NOP Responses
B             2008 Initial Study, Notice of Preparation (NOP), and NOP Responses
C             Draft General Plan Amendment for IBC Residential Mixed Use Vision Plan
D             Draft Amendments to the Zoning and Municipal Codes and Park Standards Manual
E             Draft IBC Residential/Mixed-Use Design Criteria
F             Land Use Methodology (large file- may take time to download)
G             Air Quality Modeling Data Sheets
H             Biological Resources Study
I              Paleontological and Archaeological Evaluation Report
J              Environmental Data Resources Report
K-1          Water Quality Technical Report
K-2          Hydrology Technical Report (figures available for review at City Libraries and Community Development Department at City Hall)
L             Noise Modeling Data Sheets
M            Public Services Correspondence
N-1          Traffic Study
N-2          Traffic Study Appendices
O             Water Supply Assessment
P             Global Climate Change Technical Report
Q            Responses to Comments on March 2009 EIR (large file- may take time to download)

Final Environmental Impact Report (Response to Comments and Changes to Draft EIR)

Additional Final EIR References    
Environmental Data Resources Hazardous Materials Report     
Vehicle Trip Ends with External Station Data

(NOTE: due to the size and complexity of some of the files, they may not load correctly each time. If a file fails to load, please either click the link again or refresh the new window.)