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Parking Citations FAQs

What if I lost the citation?

If you need to retrieve information about a citation, such as the citation number, address to send payment, information about how to request a review or to check the status of a citation that has been paid or dismissed, you can reach the citation Parking Enforcement Center at:1-866-453-3603.The Parking Enforcement Center phone number is an automated system and should provide you with selections on their menu to assist with your particular needs.If no option is available for unique information, 0 may be dialed after the options are presented and should connect you to an operator that can further assist you.

Personnel at the business desk of the police department do not have access to detailed information about parking citations

What if I paid the citation but the DMV shows that it is still pending and wont register my vehicle?

There are several things that can cause this situation.

The first is that the original citation payment was made after the maximum 21-day period and therefore increased due to additional penalties.The partial payment of the increased amount would have been received, but the citation would still be referred to DMV for collection because of the balance due.In this case, the total amount is still due to the DMV.It is advisable to pay the total fine amount to DMV so that the vehicle registration wont be delayed, causing additional fees. The original payment can then be refunded if proof of that payment can be provided.To receive a refund of this nature, contact the Parking Supervisor at the Irvine Police Department, (949) 724-7037.

The second possibility for this to occur is that an error was made when posting the original payment and it was not credited to the correct citation.If you have proof of payment for a citation that the DMV is showing due on the vehicles registration, contact the Parking Enforcement Center at 1-866-453-3603.  They will instruct you on how to provide the proof of payment.They can also issue a letter which can be provided to the DMV once the error has been corrected.

What should I do if I want to make a complaint regarding the officer who issued the citation?

Complaints of service or conduct involving Irvine Police Department personnel should be directed to the employees supervisor.To contact a supervisor, you may call the business desk of the Irvine Police Department at (949) 724-7000, and request to speak to the named employees supervisor. Often the supervisor is not immediately available, but a message can be left for that supervisor to return your call and address your concerns. Remember to ask for that supervisors name before being transferred to the voicemail system so you can follow up with the same supervisor with whom your complaint was lodged.

What should I do if I dont think I should have received this citation?

If you feel the citation should not have been issued, or was issued in error, for instance the violation was simply not committed, or the violation should not have been cited because of a parking variance or some other extenuating circumstances, you may request a review of the citation.

Reviews must be requested in writing within 21 days of the violation and the request must be sent to the processing company that maintains the citation records.Requests received that are postmarked outside the 21-day period will not be reviewed.

City of Irvine
c/o Parking Citation Service Center
P.O. Box 11923
Santa Ana, CA 92711

The review should include the name address and phone number of the person requesting the review and a complete explanation including any evidence available of why you feel the citation was issued in error. It is important to include all information helpful to your position because there will not be an opportunity to add information for the reviewers consideration after the fact.


Handicapped Placard - You were issued a citation for being parked in a Handicapped Space but you do have a placard and just forgot to hang it up. Include in your request for review, an explanation of what occurred, a copy of the issued placard (must not be expired), a copy of the DMV registration for your placard (this will prove that it was issued before the date of the violation), a signed letter from the registered owner of the placard.This may be a different person than the driver of the vehicle.The registered owner must state that he/she was in fact in the vehicle, at the location, on the date and time the citation was committed, and include a photocopy of the placard owners ID or drivers license.Requests for dismissals received outside the 21-day period will not be reviewed.


No Current Tabs - A citation for this violation is sometimes issued even when the vehicle is currently registered if the owner forgets to put the new tabs on the plate, or if the tabs are stolen without the owner realizing they are missing.In these cases, the violation can be reduced to a nominal administrative fee by making the correction and having the back of the citation signed by a law enforcement officer.If the vehicle was not currently registered, the violation can be signed off if proof of current registration is provided and the back of the citation is signed by a law enforcement officer within 21 days of the violation. Corrections can also be signed off at the business desk of the police department during business hours.Once the citation is signed off, the reduced fine amount indicated on the back of the citation can be sent to the processing company.This procedure is the same for any correctible equipment violation.Reduced fines will not apply to payments received outside the 21-day period.

What if I cant or dont want to register the vehicle?

All vehicles on public roadways or roadways subject to California Vehicle Code enforcement must be currently registered.If you have moved the vehicle to private property, filed for a non-operational permit, or are donating the vehicle to charity, the full fine amount can be paid, and there is no need to have the citation signed off.

What happens when the citation is reviewed?

A review of the citation is made by an Irvine Police Department employee.Items considered during the review process included the information provided in the letter requesting the review, any notes or photographs that may have been taken by the issuing officer, computer records checks of DMV information, computer records of any parking variances granted by the City at the time of the violation and any other evidence available.The results of the review will be provided as either dismissed or upheld.If the violation is upheld, a brief explanation will be provided.

It should be noted that the findings of first level reviews are generally based on facts presented and do not show consideration to issues such as being late for appointments, being within sight of the illegally parked vehicle, or lack of other convenient parking.

What if the citation is upheld and I still dont agree?

There will be information on the letter explaining that a second level hearing may be requested if you do not agree with the results of the review. You may request the second level hearing by indicating either an In Person or an In Writing hearing on the form and returning it to the Parking Enforcement Center at the above address within 15 days of the mailing of the notification letter. Requests received outside the 15 day period will not be honored.

Hearings are scheduled, one evening a month and are scheduled by the processing company, not personnel at the police department.The hearings are held by an independent hearing examiner.As a convenience, the hearings are conducted in an office located in the lobby of the police department.The hearing examiner is not an employee of the police department and therefore is not in that office during anytime other than when the hearings are scheduled.The hearing officer may not be contacted directly. Instructions on what to bring to the hearing are included in a letter that will be sent to confirm the hearing appointment.Results of both In Person and In Writing hearings are decided after the hearing is conducted and notification is provided in writing.

Why cant I get the results at the hearing?

The hearing examiner may need to conduct further research into the Vehicle Code, collect additional statements, or survey locations before ruling on some citations.For this reason, all results will be sent in writing.

What if the hearing officer upholds the citation and I still dont agree?

In this extreme case, you may file a civil case with the local court. You must file your case within 30 days of the Examiner's verdict and pay all fees required by the court. If the court decides in your favor, any and all penalties, including court fees, will be refunded to you when the City receives written judgment. If judgment is in favor of the City of Irvine, the action is ended and all penalties are forfeited.

If you have any questions regarding filing a civil case, please contact the Superior Court of California, Harbor Justice Center, at (949) 476-4699.