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The History of the Irvine Police Department (Page 5)

In 1991, Chief Peart retired and Charles S. Brobeck was sworn in as Irvine’s second Chief of Police. During Chief Brobeck’s term the Irvine Police Department continued to expand its public service and criminal enforcement roles in the community. Programs such as DARE were implemented and investigative specialties such as narcotics enforcement, vehicle theft, and economic crimes grew to keep pace with, and prevent, crime in the City.

Irvine Police Department personnel also began to participate in activities such as the annual Baker to Las Vegas 120 mile relay race. Each year the Irvine Police Association sponsors a team of officers and support personnel to participate in the race, which brings teams of law enforcement officers worldwide to Nevada to take part in the event.


In July 1998, the Irvine Spectrum Center (ISC) Substation opened and was staffed by two full-time police officers. The Substation was a 500 square foot office located adjacent to the Edward’s Theater. Its opening coincided with the launch of the second phase of the Irvine Spectrum Center. Because of the increased activity a third full-time police officer and a sergeant were assigned to the ISC in February 1999. In November 1999,

The Irvine Company made available an upgrade to the police facility as a new 3,000 square foot Substation was developed. In addition to being the home base for ISC police officers, the Substation serves as a location for non-ISC assigned patrol officers to write reports, conduct investigations, and interview suspects/witnesses.


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